Heavenly Yingyang

Heliographika - Selenographika

International Year of Astronomy – 2009


«...Heliographika and Selenographika is all about Sun and Moon, both caught in their ceaseless running after each other; avoiding, gathering, almost caressing each other… This is a heavenly “Yingyang”, which tells of a Day transmuting into Night, and thereby regenerating – a ceaseless game of ‘contrappunti’ suspended between ‘light of silence’ and ‘silence of light’...

...Such a game is then resolved in the imaginary encounter – projection of our own eye onto the sky – of the two celestial bodies, at last joined in the eclipse. The Lunar disc then, concealing the Sun, paradoxically makes more visible its intimate energy. The algid purity of Selene shrouds and, at once, brings out the volcanic force of Helios, thus returning an icon of mystical beauty, both striking and awe-inspiring...

...Indeed all these images – in between evidence and appearance, evocation and introspection, situation and contemplation – are icons where the scientific outlook nicely puts itself at the service of the poetic spirit...»


«...When someone asks me to talk about my artistic production, my reply is that, although it is generally considered as “abstract”, possibly “conceptual”, to me is simply “spiritual”. My pursuit is to give voice to whispers suffocated by noise. This can explain monochromatism and nightly atmospheres...

...The intention here is to let the observer be immersed in a dimension of silence, where the artist disappears and everyone can see his/her own reflection, and from that, begin a sort of self-exploration, self-recognition... This is indeed my vision and also my hope: to disappear and allow silence to speak to all...»

Massimiliano Lattanzi (transcript from an interview)

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